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Seoul Startup Hub

Seoul Startup Hub


Seoul Startup Hub


We are a place where entrepreneurs, startups, and stakeholders in the startup ecosystem can meet and mix for success!
“Our vision and mission”

Mission 1

Link startups and players to build connections.

Mission 2

To draw up viable startup policies and propositions backed by thorough research
    • · Identifying needs in industry and regions through the use of big data
    • · Setting up guidelines on support for startups
    • · Research and analysis in collaboration with specialists such as venture capital entities, angel investors, and accelerators
    • · Designing policies to improve weak spots for stakeholders in the startup ecosystem

Mission 3

To lend direct aid to those businesses in marginalized areas of the startup ecosystem
    • · Support for re-startups (in collaboration with the SMBA)
    • · Support for 50 re-startups (1 year )
    • · Startup Support for Innovative Social Ventures
    • · Provide opportunities for impact investment
    • · Support with capacity building of SMG-affiliated centers
    • · Develop global enterprises via cooperation with the private sector
“Why a Startup Hub?”
  • Provide network platform
    • · Networking to meet the needs of startups
    • · Arranging meet-ups and co-working opportunities for startups
  • Research on the startup ecosystem
    • · Identifying the needs of different industries and regions through the use of big data
    • · Creating new guidelines for supporting startups
  • Promote public-private governance
    • · Collaboration with private startup centers (investment attraction, global advancement, etc.)
    • · Link projects with SMG-affiliated startup centers (company matching and database sharing)
  • Marginalized areas of the startup ecosystem
    • · Support for social ventures and re-startups
    • · Mitigate sudden cut-off of support (continuous support for winners from startup contests and public BI graduates)
  • Provide optimized infrastructure for startups
    • · Provide one-stop services for startups
    • · Provide various incubation services such as working space, education programs and consulting

Startup Hub Experience Program

Programs for those aspiring to start a business
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Programs for resident startups

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