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  • Education

    “Education: the quickest way to success!”

    Q1. Are training courses at SEOUL STARTUP Hub provided free of charge?
    - Most courses are free but some charge registration fees.
    Q2. Are only resident companies eligible for training at SEOUL STARTUP Hub? (Eligibility)
    - The courses are open to resident companies as well as residents interested in startups and employees/board members of companies supporting the Startup Hub network.
    Q3. What educational tracks are available?
    - Startup Education (basics, advanced, global), Introductory Developer Training (software science, android development, iOS development), and Pitch Training (basics, global, consulting)
    Q4. Are there other eligibility requirements?
    - There are no additional requirements, but we recommend that participants take the courses in the basic-to-advanced order for a more natural learning experience.
    • Education Assistance & Registration
  • Residence Information

    “Come to the SEOUL STARTUP Hub. A wide range of spaces and opportunities are waiting for you.”

    Q1. It appears that each floor features a wide variety of spaces. Are there different eligibility requirements to use each space?
    - We will assign an appropriate space for you after assessing your needs and the size of your startup and its prospects, and whether you are an early startup (<3 years) or a growing startup (<7 years).
    Q2. Can we utilize other infrastructure (consulting, partner organizations, etc.) in the Hub after moving in?
    - Yes. You have access to the various support services and infrastructure in the Hub in accordance with our regulations.
    Q3. Are there any preferences or considerations for residence applicants (residence conditions)?
    - Special preferences or considerations for applicants vary by recruiting period. Please check our postings on the notice for details.
    Q4. How many times a year do you choose companies for residence?
    - In 2017, prospective startups were selected during 3 periods (April, July, November), and 1 period each for selection of early (restarting)/ growing startups (April, October respectively) are planned annually. Future selection dates will be announced upon space becoming open in the Hub or creation of a new annex.
    Q5. How can someone apply?
    - Please read through the recruitment posting first before applying. Applications are only accepted online via the website listed on the posting.
    • Startup Hub Residence Inquiries
      • Please contact
  • Rental Facilities

    “Providing an open space where future entrepreneurs can develop their dreams of starting their own business.”

    Q1. How can I use the co-working space? Is it open to everyone?
    • - 1st Floor
      The 1st floor is open to anyone interested in startups and offers space for idea meetings, community making, team building, and a variety of other activities.
      구분 종류 좌석명 사진 개수 좌석 수
      1층 자율좌석 생각의자(2인용) 12 24석
      예약좌석 토론 데스크(8, 16인용) 1, 1 24석
      스타트업 데스크(1인용) 80 80석
    • - 2nd Floor
      The 2nd floor is used by future startup creators who wish to prepare their business in a quiet atmosphere.
      구분 종류 좌석명 사진 개수 좌석 수
      2층 자율좌석 토론 데스크(8인용) 4 32석
      비즈니스 소파(1인용) 18 18석
      스타트업 데스크(1인용) 96 96석
    Q2. What rental spaces are available at the SEOUL STARTUP Hub?
    - We have an IR media room, seven seminar rooms, and the main hall.
    Q3. What equipment is available in each space?
    - The IR media room has wired / wireless microphones, a motorized projection screen, a projector, soundproofing equipment, and sound equipment (console, speakers, audio mixer, amplifier, etc.). Seminar rooms are equipped with projection screens, projectors, and lecture tables.
    The main hall features a platform, sound / video / lighting equipment, a control room (equipped with a console, equalizer, audio mixer, amplifier, etc.), wired / wireless microphones, a screen, a projector, two preparation rooms, and storage space.
    Q4. What is the maximum capacity for each facility?
    - The Main Hall can accommodate up to 230 people, Seminar Room 1 up to 80, Seminar Room 2 & 3 up to 40, Seminar Room 5 up to 30, Idea Room 1 up to 12, Idea Room 2 up to 14, the IR Media Room up to 40, and the stepped theater up to 100. These numbers are subject to change.
    Classification Location Area Capacity (persons) Annex Facilities
    Large Auditorium 10F 522.72㎡ 230 persons Stage
    Audio/video/lighting equipment & control room
    (console, equalizers, audio mixers, amps, etc.)
    Wired/wireless microphones
    Screen, projector
    Prep room (2 sections) and storage
    Seminar Room 1 9F 174.24㎡ 80 persons Sound equipment (USB, CD, FM radio, HDMI, etc.)
    Screens, projectors
    Lecture table
    Wireless microphone (1), lavalier microphone (1), wired microphone (1)
    Desks and chairs
    Seminar Room 2 116.16㎡ 40 persons
    Seminar Room 3 116.16㎡ 40 persons
    Seminar Room 4 87.12㎡ 30 persons
    Seminar Room 5 87.12㎡ 30 persons
    Idea Room 1 43.56㎡ 12 persons
    Idea Room 2 43.56㎡ 14 persons
    IR Media Room 2F 143.22㎡ 40 persons - Wired & wireless microphones
    Motorized projection screen, projector
    Sound equipment (rack case, speakers, audio mixer, amplifier, etc.)
    Stepped Theater 1F - 100 persons Wireless microphones (3)
    Portable projection screens (2), projectors (2)

    VAT (10%) excluded
    ※ Rentals include time for preparation and clean up.
    ※ Additional fees may apply for consumables.

    1. Rentals include time for preparation and clean up.

    2. For information regarding check in, check out, and use of equipment please contact our rental office on the 10th floor. (02-2115-2043)

    3. The minimum number of users is 70% of the maximum capacity of each space (with the exception of Idea Rooms 1 and 2)

    4. Please note that our co-working space is only available to startups.

    5. After use, please make sure each room is returned to the original intended condition. Trash can be put in the trash depository west of the parking lot (bags provided).

    6. Reservations must be done at least seven days before use. In the event of multiple applications, a screening process may take place.

    7. Rental hours are from 9:00 to 21:00 on weekdays and 9:00 to 18:00 on weekends and holidays. Please confirm your check-out time when making your reservation.

    8. Startup / business / support briefing sessions, events with admission fees, and the promotion and sale of goods and paid services are prohibited.

    9. Spaces already reserved for specific participants or groups are unavailable for use (does not apply to Idea Rooms 1 and 2).

    10. If you wish to set up or change facilities (banners, signs, temporary equipment, etc.) or bring supplies or food please notify us beforehand and submit a written plan of your event.

    11. Please exercise caution
    Please follow our safety guidelines. Loud noises, disorderly behavior, incitement, political meetings, demonstrations, religious activities, and inappropriate events (sexual content, pyramid schemes, gambling, etc.) are prohibited.

    12. The use of each startup’s internal staff for programs in the Main Hall, seminar rooms, and IR Media Room and internal meetings, training sessions, seminars, briefing sessions, and meetings with affiliates or buyers is prohibited.

    * Idea Rooms 1 and 2 can only be used by SEOUL STARTUP Hub startups and partners.
    * For more information, please refer to our rental regulations below.

  • Networking

    “Starting up a business can be lonely. Come together with likeminded people and widen your opportunities!”

    Q1. What is the networking program?
    - This program brings together prospective entrepreneurs, venture capital, accelerators and other startup players to discuss market trends, share investment opportunities, match startups with angel investors and related organizations, and create networking opportunities.
    Q2. What are some of the networking programs at SEOUL STARTUP Hub?
    - Internal programs include “Hub Dinner Night”, while external programs with other organizations include hiring/networking days.
    Q3. How can we sign up?
    - Please see our Business Guidance Announcements for details.
    Q4. Are there any eligibility requirements?
    - Each program has different criteria. These can be found on the Announcements site.
    Q5. I would like to host a networking program at the Hub. What should I do?
    - For civilian events and rental reservations, please contact Lee Se-min on our Administration team. (Email:
    Q6. How can I check for facilities that can be rented?
    - Visit the Hub’s website – Introduction – Facilities (by floor) for more information.
    Q7. Are there any requirements when hosting a program?
    - All startup-related programs are subject to collaboration . Please feel free to contact us with questions (email:
    Registereing for what? Should this say “from reserving in the future”?
  • Parking

    “Please refer to the following section for parking information.”

    Q1. When is the parking lot open?
    - From 9:00 to 21:00 on weekdays (paid) and all day and night on Saturdays and holidays (free of charge).
    Q2. What is the parking rate?
    - Our regular parking rate is KRW 250 for 5 minutes. The first 30 minutes are free.
    - Our single day parking rate is KRW 15,000 and is collected upon entry.
    - Large vehicles (trucks over 2.5 tons or 40-seater buses) are not allowed.
    Q3. Are there any exceptions?
    Parking fees will not be charged for the following vehicles:
    A. Press, diplomatic, police, and firefighting vehicles with attached signage
    B. Vehicles with the Seoul City logo and other government vehicles
    C. Transport vehicles for SEOUL STARTUP Hub programs and events
    D. Committee member transport vehicles for public events held by the national government or the Seoul Metropolitan Government
    E. Vehicles used for the installation of equipment, contracting, construction, and delivery of supplies and services
    Q4. Do you offer discounts?
    The following discounts are available.
    A. 80% Discount
    - Vehicles displaying handicapped signage: the car owner must present his / her handicapped registration card.
    - Person of national merit carrying his / her certificate
    B. 50% Discount
    - Low-emission vehicles and small vehicles with engines under 1,000 cc
    - Parents carrying a Dadoongi Haengbok Card (discount card for parents with many children) and accompanying three or more children
    C. 30% Discount
    - Parents carrying a Dadoongi Haengbok Card and accompanying two children
    D. People carrying a May 18 National Merit certificate and driving their own non-business purpose vehicles and seriously handicapped people in need of chauffeur services are given complementary 1-hour parking and 50% discounts for parking over 1 hour and single-day parking.
    E. Fees of less than KRW 100 after discounts will be rescinded.
    F. Parking stubs (1-hour parking) are distributed to SEOUL STARTUP Hub startups and partners.
    G. Additional discount regulations apply.